Jazz It Up!

There is a plethora of remarkable artistry both “Fine” and “Musical” woven throughout the fabric of our community. As such we have access to a pool of talent to create an atmosphere of artistic expression to inspire our COMMUNITY. The Arts have a way of illuminating the best in us to transcend across the lines.

JAZZ IT UP was developed to create a platform for local musicians and artisans alike, by providing a venue to showcase their talents and expand their MARKETS. Additionally, JAZZ IT UP participants will be shepherded on a mutually rewarding unveiling of THE ARTS and the CONTINUED amplification of its expression in our community. “Fine artists” and musicians will push their envelopes to access new and exciting possibilities unlocking their potential while embracing the richness of a mutual love of music and art. We bring you JAZZ IT UP. Come join us for an excitable, creative experience!



Ever wonder why dragons love tacos and why crayons decided to quit one day? Join Timeless Treasures staff every Monday and Friday at 2 pm in the Legacy room as they take us on a reading journey into a world of folk tales and colors. Relate the stories to the art in our Legacy room in a comfortable space suitable for families and children of all ages. Admission is free!

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