Travel Arrangements

Did you know that event planners like the experts at EVENTSRTIMELESS can do a lot more than simply getting your event up and running? Travel planning – including hotel booking, arranging for rental cars, flight planning and ticket booking – is a standard service and one that can immensely enhance the event experience for your attendees. It seems extremely “plush” and pampered to have someone else handle the travel arrangements for you – your event attendees will feel like VIPs. More importantly, they will understand that your organization considers them to be VIPs.


Because the team at EVENTSRTIMELESS spends all their time on event planning, including travel arrangements, they have fantastic connections in the local and national markets. This enables them to provide a seamless travel experience for your guests and attendees, at great prices and with tremendous value for the dollar. WE can arrange a smooth travel experience that leaves your event attendees refreshed and de-stressed and in a perfect mental and emotional place to hear your pitch or see your offerings.


For example, OUR team can arrange limo or taxi rides from your attendee’s home or office to the airport. Tickets bought long in advance and at the best possible rates are already prepared and the flight is well-timed to provide a good night’s sleep and a timely arrival at the event. At the destination, a top-quality, good value hotel room awaits, reserved and bought in a block for the event, again providing large discounts on the going market price. After the event, the return home is similarly smooth and well-organized. Your attendees will not only be in great condition for the event itself, they will associate the smooth travel and expert management of the process with your organization and be even more satisfied by the event.


To find out more about how EVENTSRTIMELESS can make your destination event the “must-do” item on everyone’s calendar, contact us or give us a call at 1-831-222-0026 today.