Hotel Contract Negotiations 

Whether you are planning a large event such as a tradeshow or convention, or hosting a destination meeting in a distant city, this generally requires the use of local hotels. When that’s the case, the hotel event management experts at Plan Ahead Events can ensure that the lodging process is smooth and trouble-free for your attendees, while negotiating the best possible rates on your deal and keeping your event on a tight budgetary leash.

Hotels are critically dependent on revenue from events such as conventions, trade shows, and exhibitions. In addition, it is often difficult for hotels to market themselves directly to the guests who attend such events – the guests are widely scattered, and aren’t available in one place together until they arrive at the event, at which time it is of course too late to try to sell them a hotel room. Our hotel negotiation experts know the market and are able to present the hotels and resorts with very valuable packages of room commitments, commitments that the hotels have few other ways to acquire. Plan Ahead Events is thus able to get the best possible rates for blocks of rooms. That in turn allows you to either offer very attractive rates to your attendees, or keep your budget under control when you are picking up the room tab.

Hotels provide more than just rooms, of course. If your event involves catering, meeting rooms, or the use of other hotel facilities like recreational centers, etc., our experts can get you excellent terms on all of those amenities. We have ongoing relationships with hotels and we are often able to get extremely attractive terms on these hotel services because of the consistent business that meeting planners bring – terms that we pass along to you.

When your event is large enough, the process of negotiating with the hotel and managing the relationship and site management can become a full-time job. Our hotel event planning experts will handle that job for you, allowing you and your team to focus on things other than housekeeping and room reservations. EVENTSRTIMELESS has an expert staff of event managers who are highly skilled and experienced with hotel event management specifics, and provide you with a single point of contact to take all lodging tasks and issues off your plate.

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