Food and Beverage Planning

Every major event involves the deployment of a host of physical equipment – tables, chairs, audio and video setups, data services, table linens, cutlery, tableware, kitchen equipment, computers, rope lines – the list is endless. Even a simple event will involve some equipment, and for a major event like a trade show or a convention, the equipment list may be a logistical nightmare. To make matters even more fun, it is rare for a hosting company to actually own all the items needed to put on their event – the vast majority of the equipment must be purchased or (more often) rented locally – generally from a host of rental agencies and companies, most of which will not have everything you need, and every one of which will have its own process, rules, procedures, standards, etc.

And of course, for events held outside your company’s location, you’ll have little or no idea of which vendors in that area are reputable and reliable, and which are likely to show up on the big day with a truck full of broken-down factory seconds and a half-crew of untrained day laborers with no idea of how to put together all this stuff. It’s enough to drive an event planner to distraction – but luckily for your company and your event, it’s a problem that the experts at Plan Ahead Events have solved through experience and a vast network of preferred vendors.

Because the event planners at EVENTSRTIMELESS are experienced in their local markets, when you work with them to plan your event they will be able to access a network of established, reputable vendors and suppliers, people and companies with whom Plan Ahead Events has worked before and who have a known reputation within the planning community. Since the vendors have worked with Plan Ahead Events before, they know what the expectations for quality are and they know that future business depends on the successful delivery of the current contract. That means that you have good vendors motivated to work hard to satisfy your needs – and planners on your team who know exactly how to communicate those needs to the people who will be fulfilling them.

Quality is critical, but every event has a budget and staying on-budget is not an easy task, especially for novice event planners. That’s another arena where Plan Ahead Events can provide a level of service that will turn your event planning process into a pleasure instead of a pain. With a large network of high-quality vendors to select from, and a working knowledge of the local market, and the benefit of being a proven source of future business, the event planners of EVENTSRTIMELESS are in an excellent bargaining position and can deliver top-notch service at market-beating prices. They can handle the whole negotiation for you, or simply provide advice and information to your own team – either way, you have the benefit of years of local experience to bolster your bargaining position and get you the deals that your event needs.

Not only can WE develop an equipment rental solution that hits the mark on budget and quality, they can also coordinate the massive logistical job of getting that equipment to the right place at the right time. From setup to breakdown, seasoned event planners from Plan Ahead Events will keep track of the vendors and suppliers, checking that everything is going where it should and is meeting expectations on quality, and handling problems and issues as they arise. Your own team can concentrate on providing great service and a great event, while Timeless Treasures Event staff handles the nitty-gritty.

Call TTCEC today at 831-222-0026 and discover how our veteran event planners can make even the most complicated supply and equipment rental process smooth sailing for your event.