Corporate Team Building Events


Team Building Events in the Workplace

Corporations are realizing the importance of investing in their employees in order to foster unity and to promote teamwork. EVENTSRTIMELESS recognizes that every company has its own individual needs when it comes to investing in their employees and cultivating camaraderie. Each team is unique and requires a specific program to reach their desired goals.

Our strategic partnerships with industry notables, such as Design Your Recognition and Success stories, allow us to create the perfect package for any team building event. Our meeting planners will assist you in choosing your package or designing a custom team building package to meet your company’s needs.

Outdoor Events

Whether it be a team obstacle course or an outdoor scavenger hunt, Plan Ahead Events will work with you to make sure that your message is conveyed to your team and that there is a balanced distribution of activity and education.


You chose the topic and we’ll take care of the rest! From keynote speakers to motivational activities, we will plan your entire team building event from start to finish! We will assist in the site selection, venue negotiations, food and beverage, equipment rental and any other aspect of the event that you wish to include.


We understand that the primary focus of your team building event will be to motivate your staff and promote camaraderie, and that it’s also important to keep your team engaged and to provide a certain level of entertainment. Our meeting planners will focus on assuring that your next team building event provides all the necessary ingredients for success.

Awards and Recognition

One of the best instruments for boosting and maintaining morale among your team are awards and recognition pieces. With our strategic vendor partnerships, we can not only get you the best pricing on your customized pieces, but also assist you in choosing the right awards and special recognition’s for your employees.