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You may be newly engaged or are several months into your engagement and getting ready for your wedding. The simple thought of walking down the aisle and getting married to the love of your life may leave you with butterflies in your tummy. However, as the D-day starts to near, the nervous jitters may begin to haunt your dream day. It can soon start to get really stressful leaving you overwhelmed and handling the situation with ease is crucial. Here are some essential wedding planning tips that will help you stay organized and in control of your emotions at all times.

  1. Create a checklist and check things off it:

One of the best ways to plan and stay in control of your wedding is to have a streamlined checklist that contains all of the things that need to be taken care of. The order of things to do is not important. However, it is crucial that you keep adding to the list the instant anything crosses your mind as it will help you keep extremely organized. You’ll be surprised at the amount of work you get done by simply being organized and creating a checklist. Start with a weekly checklist so that the goals don’t overwhelm you.

  1. Dedicate some time in the week solely for wedding planning:

Having a day job can be exhausting and more so when you have to decide all about your special day. Instead of cramming everything in one day, decide a couple of days in the week when workload is minimal. Once you have that sorted, only plan for your wedding on those days assigned as it will help you stay sane and balance work and life in a much better manner. Another rule of thumb is to ensure that you and your better half sit together and plan so as to eliminate any kind of confusion that may arise.

  1. Exercising caution when dealing with professionals:

It goes without saying that you will need several professionals like florists, photographers, makeup artists and the likes on your wedding day. It is important that you discuss everything with them well in advance including the pricing. It is advisable that you have a written contract to fall back on as verbal promises can backfire. Double-checking with the professionals about the time, day, and date of the wedding is also crucial so as to not create any confusion. Besides, you can also negotiate with them if you feel that you are being charged much more than you should be        4.   Have folders to stay organized: These include lists, receipts, contracts and a lot more, which can wreak havoc if misplaced. Besides, it can also leave you all over the place as you try to sort thing’s last minute. Therefore, it is best to have a folder or binder to store the entire wedding related itinerary in, as it will minimize the chaos. If you follow these tips, this should eliminate 85% of your overwhelmed sensations when planning your wedding.

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The key to a glitch-free wedding is smart planning. Spare yourself multiple headaches by making a plan and sticking with it—and our helpful wedding tips, are perfect for staying organized and minimizing stress.

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